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An Encouraging Word from Karen & Bible Study Info

Hello ladies!

We pray you are well as we give thanks to God this weekend for all those who have served in the armed forces and laid down their lives for the good of others.

For this month’s encouragement, we are sharing a “taste” of what was shared on the recent women’s retreat, “Come to the Table: All Things Are Now Ready.”  For those waiting for the messages given by Jean McClure as well as the workshops and testimonies, they will be posted here by mid-June. Please be sure to see the end of this email for related encouragement as well as for information regarding the upcoming Women’s Ministry Bible studies.

A Note From Karen:

You are invited!

Don't we all love invitations to a great dinner?  How much more if Jesus were our own personal chef!

Presentation is everything.  Photographers who work with food magazines know this well. The colors, shapes, sizes, and portions all add to the beauty of the presentation. You can make food that kids won’t eat look more presentable just by pouring Jesus over it, like you might with ketchup (to each his own). Some gourmet chefs won’t even mention ketchup because delicious food can stand on its own.  Sometimes it takes just one bite and you know you want to finish the whole plate.  God's Word is not only tasty and delicious, but it is beyond anything this world can dish up. It can stand on its own.  All the things you may desire cannot compare with Jesus.  (Read Proverbs 8-9 on your own.)

The world makes "food" look so good, but let's not be deceived by the façade, by the fake news, by the cotton candy, or by whatever it is that the world presents.  Have you ever eaten too much junk food?  You don't want to see food for a month!  Or have you ever put too much salt on something?  Just a little too much can ruin a dish.  A bit of seasoning goes a long way.  So many of us are glutted on the world and yet wonder why we're malnourished, unsatisfied, and have no hunger for the Word of God.  Filling up on cotton candy will just leave you with a stomach ache!

Hunger is a good thing when you come to the table!  You must taste and see that the Lord is good and that only He can satisfy. You must put God's Word in your mouth to find out how delicious it is.  Put your phone down, pick up your fork, and start eating of the good stuff!

1st - Remember that you are invited! Come, show up, be present.
2nd - Have an appetite.  It does no good to come to the table if you've already eaten.
3rd - Never eat alone. That's one of the rules in the world of dining!  Food tastes better when you share it with someone. Know that Jesus will always be at your table.
4th -  It's ready, so arrive on time. What happens when you're late to the table?  The food is either cold or gone.  Today if you will hear His voice don't harden your heart.  Now is the time to respond to Jesus!

What is your appetite like today?  A lack of appetite usually means a person is not well.  Are you hungry for God and His Word, or are you hungry for the world?  Can you spot junk food, fake food, imitation food, and rotten food, including false teaching from good-sounding people?  Sadly, social media has filled our lives; no wonder we are so empty.  (See 1 John 2:15-17.)

It's never too late to train your taste buds. Jewish women would take a little piece of something sweet, like a date, and put it on their baby's tongue.  The baby would immediately start to suck the delicious substance,  training it for what is good. You can actually love salad by training your taste buds. All it takes is one sick day after filling up on junk food and you never want to do that again.

Are you going through a trial or a dark time? Jesus sets a table before you in the presence of your enemies.  Sit and eat;  you will have all the strength you need to continue through the trial.

I pray that after spending this time with the Lord, you will have such a distaste for the fake food of this world.  Yes, it looks so attractive because Satan is a master marketer.  He knows how to make junk food look good. It's all in the presentation! 

I pray that you will have such a hunger for the Word of God - the real stuff, the heavenly food from Jesus - who is your master nutritionist. 

Wouldn't we love someone to cook for us every day, someone who knows exactly what we need, someone who will give us just the right portions, someone who will give us just the right seasoning?

That's what Jesus does every day when we open the Word of God.

Jesus has set the table, and He longs to fellowship with you.

Won't you come and dine?

Look ahead.  Someday you will be sitting at the marriage supper of the Lamb, where Jesus Himself will serve you.

Now that is something to look forward to!

We Would See Jesus,

Karen Pulley

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Summer/Fall Women’s Studies:

Ocean Grove summer study -  Join Karen in Ocean Grove this summer for a special study through the book of Ruth.  (Tuesdays July 12 - August 2, 11:15 AM, Thornley Chapel)

In lieu of a women’s study at CCOB this summer, we are encouraging the attendance of Wednesday night services and are looking forward to a special time of fellowship with one another afterwards.

Join us this September as we begin a study entitled “A Life of Triumph: A Study on the Life of Joseph.”  Registration will begin mid-August.  We can’t wait to see you there!