CCOB Women Newsletter

An Encouraging Word: The Tree of Calvary

Hello ladies!

We pray you are well and that you will be blessed by this month’s encouraging word - a special poem written by Marie Ferenc of the Women’s Ministry.  (To hear Marie’s testimony, please click here.)  As a reminder, registration for the fall study will begin soon!  For more information on the study and upcoming events, please click here.

"The Tree of Calvary - Living In Me

The workings of the Lord,
Starts WITHIN our hearts
AS HE deepens our dependencies
- Upon Him.

AS He reveals
His Blessings TRUE
To Knowest Him - me;
To Knowest Him - you.

To clearly SEE
HIS finished work
Goeth beyond
Calvary's tree;

THE workings of HE,
Completing now He;
 -  INSIDE of thee.

His life's exchange
He had professed,
He gave It ALL;
HIS very best.

Before time come,
His grace IS free
His mercies endureth;
That cursed tree.

Bleeding He,
E-V-E-R-Y drop
For thee;
Also, for me.

His workings IN us,
Are true reflections;
Of HIS glory
- His mercy, beckons.

For who we ARE
- IN Him, does cost
No less to us,
Than ON the cross.

All that we - WERE
All that we - AM
Are penetrated
WITHIN His two hands.

His precious brow,
Once wore - our thorns,
His woolen head
Now crowns - us born.

Our identity is found WITHIN His scars,
Revealing His LOVE;
HE meets us
-- WHERE we are.

Only IN Him,
Freedom - He gave;
For on the cross
ALL our debts - were paid.

In death of self,
We lay down our sin;
Abundant LIFE  - IN HIM.

The cross that we do carry,
Dare I to say:
"His grace, His mercies,
They worketh
Each moment of the day."

Truly Truly,
Yes indeed!
Sayest thou this


For your alabaster box:
- A sweet perfume
Does filleth up
- HIS holy room!

By way OF
Sitting at His feet,
Our prayer-full tears
His heart doth meet

With our hair we dry
Jesus’ feet;
Ohhh, every strain,
He knows
- Complete. 

God's grace - sufficient,

Our sins - WERE many
IN Christ alone
 - We're justified

In life, so oftentimes we travel,
Our hand IN His
Back TO  the foot of the old rugged cross.

To SEE thouest HIM
AND with Him
Together, we do SEE
 --  the EMPTY tree!

With Him,
Again - AND again:
"You're resurrected,
 IN ME -- MY dear friend."

"Yes this,
AND also that too
It - is FINISHED."

Remember thee THIS
ALL IS gain AND nothing IS lost
You've BEEN COVERED, at the cross.

It's ALL been nailed to the tree,
You're FINDING new life
- IN ME.

You will NEVER travel this road alone,
For you abide IN ME,
Until I bring you HOME.

Though we do travel the worn path,
TO the place you lay things down

Every thought - to the obedience of ME.
Every plan - to the richer path that I'VE prepared.
Every loved one - into MY able hands, into MY loving care.

Every battle
- stirring IN the minds of others,
Also the ones that the liar is whispering IN your own ear.

His craftily schemes
- "So thinked he"

Ohhhh TIS : "BUT GOD!!"
You confidently, will confess!!

AND you will repeatedly SAY:
 "FOR MY God,
HE has called me,
And IN Him
IS where I STAY!"

So, do NOT fret,
Do NOT stress,
Don't you worry your precious head
Just look  - TO ME
YES,  look TO ME instead.

NOTHING and NONE is above ME,
THIS life we travel together
THAT you may knowest ME - completely.

Ohhh the scars and suffering;
Yes MY child,
They do tell.
Of the path
That we have worn TOGETHER,
FOR eternity’s

- Marie Ferenc