Calvary Old Bridge Moms Ministry

Moms Group - Children's Program

Join us this summer for our Moms Group Children's Program!

Who is teaching and caring for my children?

All of our children's servants are required to complete background checks and ministry applications that are on file with Calvary Old Bridge.

What policies do I need to follow?

Please review our Childcare Policies page for more information on what to do when your child is sick, allergies and more.

What will the curriculum be for the summer program?

Age Infant
Our servants love babies! They are thoroughly blessed to care for your littlest ones as you enjoy an uninterrupted time of Bible Study and fellowship. Infants will be rocked, held, changed, fed, played with and loved. If you prefer to keep your infant with you during the meeting, you are welcome to do that as well.

Ages 1-2
While their will be no formal curriculum in our toddler rooms, they will have lots of play and lots of love as you enjoy an uninterrupted time of Bible Study and fellowship.

Ages 3-8
​Children ages 3 through 8 will enjoy a time of worship, games and learning the Names of God. Lessons are structured to coincide with the Mom's Group message to support growth with your child and as a family. Your children will learn WHO their Great God is through song, story-telling, practical application, prayer and crafts. We pray you will join us as we look forward to what God will do in our families!

The Names we will learn this summer are:

WEEK ONE: Jehovah: I AM, Yahweh
WEEK TWO: Migdal-Oz: Strong Tower
WEEK THREE: El Roi: The God Who Sees
WEEK FOUR: Jehovah Rohi: The Lord is my Shepherd
WEEK FIVE: Moshia: Lamb of God, Savior

Ages ​9-12​
Taught by some of our dads who have an amazing gift with kids, children ages 9-12 will participate in a special class designed to deepen their knowledge of God and to practically teach them how to grow as disciples of Christ. This will take place as they learn the same names of God as the younger children. They will then learn what that means for them personally and how that particular attribute of God is relevant to their daily lives. This special class will first teach them who God is and then point them to their response as a growing disciple of Christ. For example, “because God is a strong tower, in my times of confusion or trouble, I can run to Him and His Word for help and strength; I can have a personal devotional life and time in His Word which makes me strong.” This age will also participate in a time of worship and games.