Calvary Chapel Old Bridge Women's Ministry

We Would See Jesus Radio Program

Meet the Teachers

We Would See Jesus is a weekly 26-minute radio program for Women.

The teachers on the program include Karen Pulley, wife of Pastor Lloyd Pulley and leader of the Women's Ministry, as well as Tina DiGangi, Cara Blondo, Carol Eskaros, and others.

Karen Pulley

Karen Pulley, wife of Pastor Lloyd Pulley of Calvary Old Bridge, is passionate about teaching the Word of God to women of all ages. Through the women’s studies at CCOB, her Youtube channel, and time spent with the young women of the church as well as the girls at Calvary Christian School, she is blessed to impart God’s truths to hundreds of women on a weekly basis. Having had the privilege of sitting under Kay Smith’s teaching for years and witnessing the explosion of the Jesus movement, coupled with her 35+ years of experience as a pastor’s wife, Karen also loves to encourage women across the country as a guest speaker at various women’s events as well as other women in ministry in the NY/NJ area and through serving on the Calvary Chapel East Coast Pastors’ Wives board.

Having accepted Jesus at a young age but falling away and experiencing its subsequent pain, she loves to encourage women that the Lord can take our mess and turn it into a message. She has also experienced the pain of parenting a prodigal but shares the hope we have in Christ as she witnessed the joy of her prodigal’s return.

Known to be an avid reader, Karen imparts her love for the Word of God and other trustworthy books to all who meet her. She has written two books, Mary: A Fresh Look at the Familiar and We Would See Jesus: Seeing Jesus Clearly in a Very Dark World and is a regular contributor to Calvary Chapel Magazine’s “A Word for Women.”

In her free time, Karen enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren.

Karen would love to connect with you on the CCOB Women’s Ministry Facebook (@Calvary Chapel Old Bridge Women’s Ministry) or Instagram (@ccobwomensministry) as well as her Youtube Channel, Looking to Jesus with Karen Pulley.

Tina DiGangi

I’ve been serving in the Women’s Ministry for over 23 years. I’ve had the privilege of sharing my testimony several times, speaking at women’s gatherings, and forming beautiful relationships with the women of Calvary as I continue to lead a Women’s Bible Study Group.

I understand the opposition and hostility that can come from pursuing a life devoted to Jesus and the necessity of the word of God, prayer and fellowship that becomes life-changing and leads others to faith in Christ; and the pain and anguish of women who are raising children as the sole parent walking by faith and can testify of the “BUT GOD” moments that met me every step of the way.

Married for 28 years, I have seen the faith of my husband come to life in 2021 (after 25 years of prayer!), and we are blessed with two adult children who are seeking to live a life devoted to love and serve the Lord. He is Faithful indeed!

It is a joy to share the Word of God through the teaching ministry of the Women’s Bible Study to testify of the longsuffering and faithfulness of God with hopes of healing broken hearts and setting captives free!

I would love to connect with you via email at

Cara Blondo

Whether through teaching Bible studies, speaking to groups in person or online, or writing devotionals and other Christ-centered resources, Cara Blondo is passionate about helping women connect biblical truths to their everyday lives, knowing personally of its transforming power through the healing of a years-long battle with an eating disorder. After experiencing real hope and lasting change, she wanted nothing more than to share God’s Word with others. Having been trained in full-time college ministry, she served as a college missionary, on multiple short-term mission trips spanning three continents, and at CCOB in various ministries including the women’s ministry, where she continues to teach Bible studies with the hope of leading women into a greater understanding of the beauty and impact of God’s Word in their daily lives.

Through her blog, The One Thing Desired, and podcast, Perspective Shifts, she hopes to offer encouragement for everyday life as together, with her readers or listeners, they shift their perspective upward and come to know Him as their one thing desired.

She and her husband have been married for more than twenty years and are blessed to have four children.

Cara would love to connect on The One Thing Desired blog (, on Instagram (@the_one_thing_desired) or Facebook (@theonethingdesired), and through her podcast, Perspective Shifts (found wherever you listen to podcasts).

Carol Eskaros

Carol Eskaros is a follower of Jesus, student of the Scriptures, Bible teacher, and conference speaker. Carol’s greatest passion is teaching good things to younger women (Titus 2:3) and making disciples by training young people to obey the commandments of Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

Before moving to Louisiana in 2018, Carol served as the Communications Director of Calvary Chapel in Old Bridge, NJ for nearly 20 years. Carol’s podcast, Rinse and Repeat, is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are heard. Carol is also featured on the radio program entitled We Would See Jesus, which airs in NY/NJ area.

She has been married for nearly 25 years and has been the homeschooling mother of four children. Carol loves to travel, especially to the mountains and the beach, and she loves embarrassing her children by singing (very) loudly (and poorly) in public.

Carol would love to connect with you on her website ( and through her podcast, Rinse and Repeat.