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Book - Mary, A Fresh Look at the Familiar

"Mary: A Fresh Look at the Familiar" by Karen Pulley

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Book Description: Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one whose life, although very familiar to us, continues to inspire and instruct women to this day. Through this book, you are invited to journey with Mary and glean practical insights and relatable lessons into what, and Who, made her the remarkable woman that she was.

Mary was called “highly favored,” yet she simply called herself a “servant of the Lord.” She was poor, yet she was the most privileged among women. As a woman after God’s heart, she sought to obey and please Him. In turn, He prepared her and fulfilled His purpose within her. This did not mean, however, that she lived a pain-free life. In fact, she suffered more pain than any woman could possibly ever suffer, yet in time, rejoiced more than any other.

In this easy-to-read, conversational-style book, you will be taken through Mary’s experiences from the angelic visit to the post-resurrection upper room as 18 lessons unfold from her life. As you consider her life and what these lessons can mean for you, your life, as well, will be changed.